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Parents often feel bewildered when it comes to child nutrition. How many calories should a child consume? What is a healthy weight? With almost one in three children in America overweight or obese, nutrition is an issue that many parents would like help managing. The team of physicians and RDNs at Westside Pediatrics in Katy, Texas, offers easy-to-understand dietary advice and support to parents and children. Request an appointment over the phone today.

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) Q & A

What is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)?

An RDN is a healthcare professional who has trained in nutrition and food science. An RDN who works in pediatric nutrition specializes in the dietary needs of children, from newborns to teenagers, taking into account each age group's specific growth and development requirements.

RDNs may provide other services, too, including custom diets, tube-feeding support, and assisting with treatment of gastrointestinal or digestive disorders.

If you have concerns about your child's nutritional needs, make an appointment at Westside Pediatrics.

When should your child see an RDN?

A child's nutritional needs change as they get older. Here's how an RDN provides support.


A baby's nutritional needs depend on several factors, including if they were born prematurely or have health issues, if they're breastfed or formula-fed, and whether they have allergies or intolerances. RDNs make sure babies receive the essential nutrients to develop and advise when to wean onto solid foods.

Toddlers and preschoolers

Children have significant growth spurts between ages two and five, and their appetites fluctuate to match, which is perfectly normal. An RDN monitors your child's eating patterns and growth and recommends food choices that satisfy even the fussiest eater.


It's common for grade-schoolers to have more access to candy, chips, and other unhealthy foods. An RDN educates children about the benefits of eating well. 


A healthy diet is vital during puberty, but this is also the age at which children are most sensitive about their weight. Puberty triggers weight gain, skin problems, and mood changes, which can lead to mental health issues and eating disorders if not sensitively managed. An RDN offers practical and carefully worded advice. 

Nutrition is an often overlooked but essential part of pediatric health. Reach out to Westside Pediatrics to learn more.

What should you consider when choosing an RDN?

You and your family should choose someone you enjoy working with when it comes to searching for a pediatric RDN. Conversations around nutrition and health can be delicate, and many families feel more comfortable speaking about these topics with someone they trust.

Similarly, you should choose an RDN who is good at communicating with children. Children are more likely to listen to an encouraging adult who explains health recommendations in a positive and easy-to-understand way.

The professionals at Westside Pediatrics have years of experience in empowering families to live happier, healthier lives. Call the practice to book an appointment today.